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How should I proceed?

Hello to everyone,

I need some explanation. I’m tired of answering everyone one by one. I talk to 30-40 new customers a day. And I’m really tired.

How to do wholesale shopping?

1) If you plan to buy 5-10 pieces in bulk, forget it. It is not called wholesale shopping. This is retail shopping. There must be 100 or more minimum mixed pieces.

Shoes: Women Series Generally 36-37-37-38-38-39-39-40, Men’s 40-41-41-42-42-43-43-44 1 series can be taken. This is a total of 1 package. 2-3-4-6 series can be made upon request. If a special number is required, a single model must be higher than 200-300.

Tshirt: In general, the series is S-M-L-XL-XXL. This is a package. and the body cannot be selected from the series. 1 package must be received. It can be further increased upon request.

Shirt: The same rule applies.

And in other categories the same rules apply. Anyway, I write when I share the sizes and products in the series. In fact, it is easy to understand. But I get too many questions for some reason.

2) How do I do cargo operations.

When working with us, please forget about shipping companies like DHL, Fedex, TNT. We work with private logistics companies. Some of them have offices in your country. Some don’t. We already share which ones we have.

If you already have a cargo company there is no problem here. You already know how. You determine the products, we bring those products to the shipping company. They also ship you products.

If you don’t have a cargo company, then what do you do?

You should find a logistics company in your own country. Let us know the details and office addresses of the cargo company you found. Your products will be delivered to the cargo company after you pay there or pay us. If you don’t trust us, don’t pay us. You can send payment to the cargo company. When we deliver the products, we take our charge from there.

Here we have customers who shop before us. They already know. For those who do not know, we have felt the need to edit the article in this way. I guess there’s no other problem.

Thank you for your understanding.

26 Haziran 2019