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First You Must Know Well Us

If you are new here please read carefully.

Hello Everyone, (All information updated. Please Read Again. The About Us section has also been updated. Updated 25.06.2019)

I want to start with our rules before we tell ourselves.
1)Do not type your phone number under the post.. If you have a message, send it to us. You can write other topics.
2)Different suppliers, if any comments, will be blocked immediately.

We send products all over the world. We only do wholesale sales. The name of our company is “Bahadir Textile Products”. You can see our products on our page. Also Some Large Stocks For Please Looks

We were established in 2017. We are working with our partners in Turkey 50 wholesalers and manufacturers. We can make the products you want with the condition of being high. Or you can choose from our products. For other products, you need to send a message to whatsapp.

Our product categories:

Women’s Clothing
Islamic Clothing
Men’s clothing
Women’s and Men’s Shoes

Terms of payment:

Direct Send to Our Company Bank Account
Send to the Bank Account of the Direct Shipping Company
Money Gram
Western Union
Or Paypal Alternatives

Turkey Garments Team

+905305734474 WhatsApp

Clothing Broker Şener Bahadır

Note: When you buy a container product, we pay the container(Shipping) fee %10. The transportation fee and delivery are ours.

For All your question, our WhatsApp chat line


Please read descriptions carrefuly.

We have created some groups for you. By participating in these groups, you can discuss about import, export and other trade Rules. We will not share any products in there. You will be able to share import rules for the countries you live in

I want to say some issues first. please respect each other in groups. Everyone is required to enter the group in the country where they are located. for example, someone in country x is not right to invest in y. İs it right?

Group links of countries.

Please read of group explaination.

South Africa






Namibia and Zambia

Sudan and South Sudan



Saudi Arabia

Note : Will come next days Europan countries

These are just. How can import rules and business relations be developed between countries. we will talk about them

Hi All,

I added a link to my facebook profile

You can add and i will be online two place Messenger and WhatsApp

Section 2)

Subject Wholesale Business

If you really want to do this, don’t go anywhere without reading here.

We explained how to do the transactions in the link.

26 Haziran 2019