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WhatsApp Group Rules

Updated Group Rules (25.06.2019)

WhatsApp Group Rules

Welcome new members

Please listen carefully

These group we created for easy to share products and for meeting some of people. No rules bother to other people. İf some of people send you direct message pleas let me we will out of them from this group

Invariant rule

Only those using a WhatsApp business account will be added to the group. You should write the name of your business, your Facebook page, if any, and where you sell the products.

1) just we are selling this group by turkey garments

2) if you any questions please ask to management

3) All of them responsibility

4) You can talk with your same country people and you can give order together

5) if some people will bother you and who send direct pm

please report us

6) Forbidden to chat after 12 pm

7) This will not be forgiven if the phone number of my customers is given to other suppliers

Sometimes i will turn off message system sometimes i will open.

İf you will be bother contunious recive message please make mute group

26 Haziran 2019