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About Us

Turkey Garments

Who Are We?

Founded in the last months of 2016. First we identified our name. then we established our facebook page. We went step by step. We decided to build our website this year while thinking about how we can offer better services. Now we are stronger with our Turkey Garments brand.

Step By Step Ordering


Easy to use order

Sometimes product selection can be very difficult. You can select your products from our Facebook page, go to our WhatsAppSener Bahadır

Many sections to easy payments

In this step, we will examine payment methods.

We use 4 payment methods.

Through Banks
Financial Services company
Payments toSener Bahadır

How to make cargo processes

There are a large number of logistics companies in Turkey. Some of our customers are confused. Because it is believedSener Bahadır


What We Offer

Free Consulting Service

We can supply clothing for your country. Because every country has its own culture.

Stock Product

We manage more than 100,000 stock product. Jeans, Shirts, Shoes, Leadies Wear, Winter and Autumn Wear and Others…

Delivery guarantee

No need to come to Turkey. We handle all the procedures for you

We help you with everything

We request that you send your high quantity product requests to our official e-mail address.

Do you have a business idea?

Are you looking for production factory and wholesale products in stock? You're at the right place. We can share our best knowledge. If you can contact with us we can help you best


Latest Update

Payment Method

Payment Method

We have 3 kind of payment method You can write your opinions and thoughts.

Site Promotion Videos

Site Promotion Videos

First Section Video: We show how we add products to the website Second Section Video: How to shop briefly, ProductSener Bahadır

Promotional of Cryptocurrency Payments

Promotional of Cryptocurrency Payments

Costs are less with these methods. Example; No Bank Fees, No Services Fees, like Wu, like Moneygram. Example again ifSener Bahadır

How You Can Do Shopping?

How You Can Do Shopping?

1)Add to Carthttps://i.hizliresim.com/EPmG2x.png 2) CheckOut Or View Carthttps://i.hizliresim.com/zQp0kk.png


Nice to meet you

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For all your inquiries, please contact us. Our working hours:9:00 AM 8:00 PM.Your questions will be answered during working hours.