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Many sections to easy payments

In this step, we will examine payment methods.

We use 4 payment methods.

Through Banks
Financial Services company
Payments to direct cargo companies

1)Via Bank
a) /
One of the easiest payment methods. There is a low commission fee. You have to be a member of the system. Then you can register our bank account numbers below and make your payment.

b) Direct Bank Account
You must accept all commission payments when using this method. Sometimes we get a payout of $ 500. The payment comes to us at $ 450. Because our client pays a commission to his own bank. You also have to send a full fee.

Bank Name: Kuwait Turkish Participation Bank Inc
Bank Swift Code: KTEFTRIS
Bank Account Iban Number:
US Dollar: TR65 0020 5000 0191 3062 7001 03
Euro: TR38 0020 5000 0191 3062 7001 04
Turkish Lira: TR76 0020 5000 0191 3062 7000 02
Account Owner: Şener Bahadır

2)WesternUnion / MoneyGram (Financial Servicec company)

We do not recommend. There are high commission fees. But the choice is yours. If you still want to send it, you can use the information below.

Name And Surname : Şener Bahadır
Adress: Turkey/İstanbul
Ahmet Hamdi Tanpınar Caddesi, Post Code 34325
Tahtakale Mahallesi

3)Payments to direct cargo companies

Some product buyers use this particular method. There is a shipping company in Turkey. You can get special fees from them. The most guaranteed method. No risk. First you have to find a shipping company. You must agree on fees. Each country has its own shipping company. You will be given a customer number after you make your deal.
1) Make product selections from your supplier.
2) Pay your products to the cargo company.
3) Give your cargo customer number to your supplier.
4) Your supplier will check. If you get confirmation, it will bring your products to your cargo company.
5) When the products arrive, the shipping company will make the payment to your supplier.

4) CryptoCurrency


And so the process is over.

14 December 2016