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Let us continue with our article in the homepage.

Providing reliable service is a very difficult task. We want to achieve this. We have a wide business network in Turkey. We deliver from stock products or factory to our customers in Africa, Europe and other continents.

Now, let’s talk about what we do?

We have in Turkey more than 40 Wholesalers, Manufacturer and Stock Seller. We supply large quantities of stock products or small quantities of products. We have more than 100.000 stocks. It changes every week. Since our site is not fully active, you cannot access it at this time. The update is in progress

Let’s better explain what we are doing by answering some questions

I have my designs. Do you produce?
At this stage we must have some requests from you. We have to take pictures of your designs or a sample of the product you want to produce (T-shirt, Pants, Shirt …). You should also tell us the details of the fabric. ( Like %60 cotton, %20 Polyester)

Our World Network

We want to expand our network in the world until it is in Turkey. We are looking for a wide range of advertisers to promote our products.



We are building wholesalers platform in Turkey. We will be able to ship products to all over the world.

We continue to serve with more than 50 partners. Factories, Wholesalers, Stock products sellers continue to deliver products to the whole world.Attention please! Our products are produced only in Turkey. Never buy products from China or India. You won’t find the label “Made In China” and “Made In India” in our products. Only “Made In Turkey” is written. In this context, we continue to deliver the quality of Turkey anywhere.Groups we supply Shopkeepers
Stock Buyers
Outler Stores

we have delivered to Countries

South Africa

28 February 2018